BAC Participating in South Dakota GIVES

What's a Giving Day?


It’s one day.

And it’s all day.


(We’re talking a get-the-coffee-flowing-because-you’re-going-to-need-all-the-energy-you-can-muster kind of day.)


For Immediate Release (Brookings, SD)


South Dakota’s first-ever state-wide giving day kicks off at midnight on Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018 and continues until 11:59pm that night. Nonprofit organizations across the state will unite to celebrate generosity before the sun comes up and well after the sun goes down by asking their community of supporters to, together, raise as much money as humanly possible.


It’s an “all hands on deck” (or shall we say “all cowboy hats on the table”) approach, where nonprofit staff members and volunteers and donors focus on raising awareness in support of the good work they do. It allows you to wrangle up your board, your family, your friends, and your that neighbor down the street who you haven’t met yet, to spread the word about what you do, and how it contributes to making South Dakota 122 percent awesome.


Prize money will be awarded from the South Dakota Prize Pool, a truckload of money donated from individuals, businesses and foundations who believe in South Dakota—and the future of our state. The cool thing? It doesn’t matter if you are a big nonprofit or a tiny nonprofit, if you raise $100 or $100,000. Every participating nonprofit signed up on this website has the chance to win.

South Dakota Day of Giving is unlike any other giving day in the country (really!) because, well, South Dakota is unlike any other state in the country (am I right or am I right?).

“For reals. Every dollar you earn goes to you.”


First, South Dakota Gives—the organization leading the day—takes zip, zero, zilch in terms of a percentage from the donations you receive. For reals. Every dollar you earn goes to you. Second, the donations are being made directly to the nonprofits. We are simply providing tools, resources, the South Dakota Prize Pool, and a healthy dose of South Dakota can-do motivation, to get the day started.

We’re also offering participating nonprofits free regional trainings to ramp up their South Dakota Day of Giving plans.


South Dakota Day of Giving is a chance to showcase your passion—whether its animals or art, food or farming, nonprofits all across our state are making life just a little bit better for all who call South Dakota home. So sign-up. Start spreading the word. And get your pocketbooks ready. South Dakota Day of Giving is Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018.