Membership Drive 2018

Dear Friend,

YOU LOVE ART. It’s that simple of a concept. Whether you are a working artist, an emerging artist, or a supporter of the arts, it all comes down to...YOU LOVE ART and we do too!

The feel of the brush across a canvas, the smile of an artist that just sold a piece, to those in the audience as at the Arts Midwest concert series had you dancing and clapping while in your seat, art enhances our lives in so many ways.

We invite you to help us ‘make ART happen’ in Brookings and the surrounding area. Your membership contribution helps keep costs down for art classes, performances and exhibits, making art accessible to people of all income levels. Through your contribution, you support Brookings quality of life, adding value to your life and others in our community.

Art truly does transform people and communities! It enables us to provide and promote diverse art experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds through exhibition, education, creation and collaboration. TOGETHER we can use the power of art to transform and inspire our community...we invite you to join us and make ART happen!

We look forward to creating new friendships and continuing our existing friendships. This will help us to cultivate philanthropic success and to continue to ‘Make Art Happen’ in Brookings and the surrounding area!



Heather Kuhlman, Executive Director

Brookings Arts Council